A Brief Guide to a Perfect Cannes Holiday: How to Get There and Where to Go Upon Arrival

The glamorous city of Cannes is situated on the French Riviera, characterised by its stunning coastlines and white sand beaches, historic sites, fascinating art and architecture, and of course, luxurious yacht charter fleets. Thus, if you are planning to have a holiday in Cannes, it is ideal to start your vacation by renting a yacht charter Cannes before you start exploring the land.

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Chartering 101: The Basics

There are two distinct categories of yacht charters: fully-crewed and bareboat. The former lets you rent a VanDutch 40 or any other available boat that comes with a captain and a crew, while the latter makes you the captain of your boat of choice.

Traveling by crewed luxury motor boat hire lets you have a stress-free, relaxing cruise around the beautiful, clear waters of Cannes. When you choose a well-organized yacht charter, food is conveniently served, your every whim is gladly answered, and unforgettable, picturesque sights smoothly come and go – a truly laidback boat trip that has none of the hassles of navigation, vessel maintenance, and provisions.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be in charge, bareboating lets you take the lead while honing and mastering your skills in sailing specific vessels, such as VanDutch 40 motor boats. There are also flotillas that allow you to team up with other bareboaters who have a similar itinerary as yours. This can be a fun, exciting adventure that lets you mix your level of skills with like-minded people.

With a yacht charter Cannes, you can take advantage of every perfect sunset, shipwreck site, and snorkeling spot even before you reach the town of Cannes.

What’s Next when You Have Stepped Foot on Cannes

Of course, there is more to Cannes than French Mediterranean sailing adventures. There are plenty of places worth a visit and activities you can enjoy once you have arrived in the city’s port. Here are the top picks:

  • Boulevard de la Croisette

This fashionable, palm-lined street is the tourist hub of Cannes with plenty of elegant hotels for your ritzy accommodation. French Art Nouveau architecture stand in the surroundings and a promenade lets you enjoy terrific views of the gulf.

  • Notre-Dame de l’Esperance

Located at 1 Place de la Castre, the Notre-Dame de l’Esperance is deemed to be the most significant church in France. It was built in the 16th century and features the wooden Saint Anne statue along with the famous 17th-century Madonna. The church also has an old cemetery and a renovated organ (it was installed in 1857). Plus, it hosts the Suquet musical festival each July.

  • Musee de la Castre

A Mediterranean garden surrounds this historic, medieval monastery. Enjoy viewing collections of pre-Columbian primitive art, Provencal landscape paintings, and Mediterranean antiquities.

  • The Annual Cannes Film Festival (month of May)

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete the world-renowned film fest. It is regarded as one of the glitziest events to happen every year on the French Riviera. Movie stars, filmmakers, journalists, and celebrities of all sorts from all over the world flock to this international red-carpet affair each May.

A splendid, harmonious union of turquoise waters and enviable landscapes, a complete, distinctly French Mediterranean adventure is one where you get the best of both worlds. Rent a yacht charter Cannes and experience the charm of Cannes at its finest. See more at

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